We Are Real!


This site is decticated to real demigods, benders, satyrs, and  hunters.. if you are not one leave NOW! If you are here to role play leave NOW!! If your centered around Percy Jackson books or anything else this is not the site for you. If your here to play with us LEAVE NOW!!! Consider this the only warning you will receive. If I find you will suffer my waft and the waft of my counterparts with that welcome.  


I shall live by love and not by sight 

I shall fix the wrong to make it right.

I will not try to force others or make them believe.

For I can not blame them for what their eyes do not see.

With the pureness of my blood becomes the  pureness of my heart.

I shall let my light shine and pierce through the dark.

From the skis of Olympus to the depths of the underworld we stand.

With deliverance, love and patience in our hands.

With rays as gold as the suns piercing from our hearts.

To shield the world and ourselves from the dark.